Q&A Is the “Whisker Biscuit” a Good Choice for Beginning Archers

QandA logoI have been seeing more than a few archers showing up with new bows with a “Whisker Biscuit” arrow rest installed (see photo). This is a novel and good arrow rest, but the question is: are these arrow rests a good choice for beginners. The short answer is “no,” but if you have a student with one on their bow I don’t think you should recommend they change it out unless there is a problem associated with it.Whisker Biscuit rest

The reasons I think the WB isn’t a good rest for beginners are simple: a screw-in plastic rest can be had for $2.95, so WBs are more expensive, and they can get in the way of seeing the arrow point at full draw which makes aiming off the point difficult. The biggest reason is subtle. Since the rest surrounds the arrow, it prevents the arrow from falling off of the rest. This may sound like a good thing but it is not. Our equipment should support shooting good shots. If we do everything right, our equipment shouldn’t get in the way. But if we do something wrong, our equipment should show it. There are many things you can do wrong just before or while drawing the bow: bringing the bow up too fast, twisting the bow top-left, twisting the bow string, and “pinching” the arrow between the top two fingers (when a split-finger “hook” of the string is being used). All of these form flaws cause the arrow to fall off of the rest, thus alerting the archer that they are doing something wrong. The WB prevents this from happening and therefore blocks very useful feedback.

I continue to recommend the simple, inexpensive, plastic screw-in arrow rest for beginning finger shooters. For sight shooting compound/release archers, the Whisker Biscuit is a fine choice for an arrow rest.

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