“Brave” Got It Right!

I finally got around to seeing the movie Brave last night. Brave was one of the three archery prominent entertainments that sparked the latest wave of interest in our sport (the other two are the Hunger Games, and The Avengers).

Most archery based media (Lord of the Rings, Rambo (First Blood, Part 2), The Avengers, Arrow (TV), etc.) present a showy archery, typically with poor form and unreal accuracy.

The cool thing is that Brave got it right. Their depiction of archery was spot on. Not only did they get the form flaws of the poor archer’s right, but Merida’s form was impeccable. Plus they showed the Archer’s Paradox beautifully. Congrats to Pixar and whomever their technical consultants were (couldn’t find this information unfortunately).

Plus it was a danged good movie!


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3 responses to ““Brave” Got It Right!

  1. Agreed! We noticed the Archer’s Paradox too – I think it weirded out the theatre crowd a little bit when my husband and I both yelled “Paradox!” and then broke down laughing.

    As much as I love Legolas (and all things LOTR), you are spot on about the unreality of it. Still pretty cool to watch him shoot while sliding down stairs on his shield, though.


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