Practicing Indoors for Outdoors

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Just a quick post this time. The question is: how does one prepare to shoot outdoors when it is still snowing outside in Spring? This is especially apropos for my college archery team here in Chicago.

There are complicated schemes involving using one scaled down target to aim at and another to collect the arrows that requires as little as 5-6 feet to set up for a 70m shot. But for now, consider this: a 70m shot at a 122cm FITA target would appear the same to the eye as a 35m shot at a 60cm FITA target or a 23.3m shot at a 40cm target. Since the 40cm target is normally shot at 18m, if you can arrange to shoot it at 23m, you will have a sight picture that is very close to that of the 70m outdoor distance.

What won’t be the same is arm angle. If you can arrange to place the 40cm target as high in the butt as possible, this will help. Also, your arrows are no longer “to scale” in that they are larger in diameter than scaled down arrows would be. So, if you are shooting practice rounds for score, require yourself to get the whole shaft of the arrow into the higher scoring ring to count it at that higher score.

FITA Target Face Distance MontageIf you search the Internet you will find that a number of people have created target printing programs that take into account the diameter of your arrows while printing scaled down targets. If you are serious about doing this in your basement or garage, you will find these.

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