Coaching Archery “How Tos”

I came up with a new book idea this weekend while I was off in Minnesota. The idea grew from the fact that there are very few protocols or prescriptions as to how to teach various aspects of archery that are available to archery coaches. The recent post on teaching the clicker was created because of one such request.

Think about it, even the coach training programs don’t provide their trainees with guides about how to teach, well, anything! (What, yes, how, no.)

So, a book is in order in which I will try to supply a set of instructions for coaches as to how to introduce various pieces of archery kit as well as various form or execution changes. The clicker protocol will certainly go in it.

If you have any requests, please let me know!

Oh, and please realize that I do not know “the” way to teach anything, but I will supply at least “a” way to teach these things. This should benefit beginning-to-intermediate coaches and coaches coaching away from their field of expertise, e.g. a compound coach working with a recurve archer, etc.

Any and all comments are gratefully accepted.

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