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I must have mentioned along the way in this blog that I have set a goal for myself, one commensurate with my ego: I want to create a professional literature for archery coaches. There are a zillion “how to shoot” books, more being produced every day. I have close to 250 archery books in my library and the vast majority of them are “how to shoot” books.

What I want are “how to coach books” and “how to teach books.” We have enough “how to shoot books.” It is as if we had all of the anatomy, physiology,  surgery, diseases of the human body books to train doctors with, but left out “how to treat patients.”

I want to address the situations archery coaches find themselves in and provide them with options and supports to deal with them successfully. So, . . .

Do You Want to Help?
One of the ways to train coaches (doctors, lawyers, etc.) is “case studies.” Doctors are provided with a “case,” a patient with a certain set of symptoms. They are then asked to figure out what to do. Later, the lesson goes on with an explanation of what was done and what the disease really was, etc. (This is portrayed in TV dramas set in teaching hospitals when groups of interns/doctors make “rounds.”) Law schools similarly have hundreds of legal cases they use to train lawyers.

I would like to have a set of cases for archery coaches. We could post them on the web, use them in training programs, etc. Sound like fun?

I have written up a few cases that have come up in my lessons but I want to get cases from all over the spectrum of archery, so I would like you to participate. Either you could write the case up (Part 1 “I had an archer who had come to me with (symptom, symptom, etc.) what would you recommend she do? Part 2 “What I did was and we found out was that . . . etc.) or you can work with me in real time (send me a question, I will suggest a course of action, you can try it . . . or not) and write up a “what happened” segment afterward. It can even be a question about your own shooting that we can make into a useful “case study” for archery coaches.

So, do you want to help?

PS I am working on the final touches on a new book: “Coaching Archery How To’s” which should be out in a month or two. This book is for beginning-to-intermediate coaches and those coaching outside the area of their specialty (what they shoot).


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6 responses to “Training Aids

  1. stanman47

    I want to sell my archery book collection. Any suggested websites? No action on ebay. Thanks.


    • Do you have a list? I can post it here with contact information (if appropriate). I search eBay daily for archery books, so I might have seen your listing, but I already have copies of most of the instructional books. You might want to consider listing it on ArcheryTalk and similar sites.


      • stanman47

        Thanks for the reply. I have a list hand-written, so I will have to put it on my desktop, unless I can take a photo of each page. I will try to take photos first.


  2. stanman47

    Adventurous Bowman, Pope 1926
    The Boys Book of Sports, Maurice Thompson, 1886
    Archery, Elmer, 1926 1st ed
    Archery Handbook, Edmund Burke, 1954
    Guide to Better Archery, Thomas Forbes, 1955
    Archery, its Theory and Practice, Horace Ford, 1880
    Bows and Arrows, Pope, (can’t find date)
    Archey, its Theory and Practice, Ford, 1859
    Compendium of works on Archery, Clement Parker, 1950 (1 of 300cs)
    Official Handbook of Field Archery, Nat’l Field Archery Assoc, 1953
    The Flat Bow, Hunt & Metz, 1945
    Archery, an Engineering View, Forrest Wagler, 1933
    Archery Workshop, Stemmler, 1935
    Archery Simplified, Philip Rounsevelle, 1937
    Zen in the Art of Archery, Eugene Herrigel, 1953
    The Book of Archery, George Hansard, 2nd ed, 1841
    Archery, Badminton Library, 1894 (2 cps)
    The Archers Craft, Adrian Hodgkin, Pub by A S Barnes Co,(no date)
    The Essentials of Archery, L E Stemmler, no date
    The Book of the Long Bow, Elmer, 1929
    The Witchery of Archery, M Thompson 1928
    Hunting with the Bow & Arrow, Pope, 2 cps 1923 & 1925
    Target Archery, Elmer, 1946 2 cps 1946 1st ed & 1947
    Arab Archery, N A Faris (no date)
    Turkish Archery & Composite Bow, Paul Klopstec, 1947
    Archery Technical Side, Hickman, Nagler, 1947 1st ed
    Lions in the Path, Stewart White, 1926 1st ed
    Bowman’s Handbook, British Archers Handbook, 1950
    Archery, Reichart & Klasey, 1940
    Bows & Arrows, James Duff, 1927
    The New Archery, Paul Gordon, 1939 1st ed
    The Art of Archery, Walter Moseley, 1 of 100 cps, 1792
    An Essay on Archery, Walter Moseley, 1792
    Toxiphilus, Roger Ascham (no date)
    The Fundamentals of Japanese Archery. Wm Acker, 1937
    The Bowmen and Other Legends of the War, Arthur Machen, 1915
    Hunting the Hard Way, Hill, 1953 1st ed
    Bucks and Bows, Walter Perry, 1st ed no date

    I (Stan Lore) can email photos of books of interest and can be contacted directly at The number seen next to an individual book is the low – high asking price for that book as found on ABEBOOKS.COM.


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