Hot Off the Press!

ACHT Cover v2I promised (threatened?) I was writing a “how to” book for archery coaches. Well, Archery Coaching How To’s is out and available on! In this book I tried to describe what I consider to be teaching techniques tf contents:


Table of Contents

General Caveats

How To’s

  • How to . . . Introduce Clickers
    ·   How to . . . Manage Draw Weight
    ·   How to . . . Teach Release Aids
    ·   How to . . . Introduce Slings
    ·   How to . . . Introduce Stabilizers
    ·   How to . . . Introduce Bow Sights
    ·   How to . . . Introduce Finger Tabs
    ·   How to . . . Introduce Peep Sights
    ·   How to . . . Introduce New Arrows

How To’s
Form and Execution

  • How to . . . Teach the Use of Back Tension
    ·   How to . . . Teach Shooting Off of the Point
    ·   How to . . . Teach Stringwalking
    ·   How to . . . Introduce Anchors
    ·   How to . . . Teach Different String Grips
    ·   How to . . . Teach a Finger Release
    ·   How to . . . Develop A Strong Bow Arm
    ·   How to . . . Create A Good Followthrough
    ·   How to . . . Create A Surprise Release (Compound)
    ·   How to . . . Adapt to New Bows

How To’s
New Experiences

  • How to . . . Introduce Field Archery
    ·   How to . . . Introduce Target Archery
    ·   How to . . . Introduce Competition
    Sidebar: Who Competes? Against Whom or What?

Having a Written Coaching Philosophy
Coaching Rationales

If you read it, please post a review on to help others with their buying decisions. Thanks.





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6 responses to “Hot Off the Press!

  1. Melody Scott

    Ordered! As someone new-ish to archery and almost single-handedly growing a big target archery scene in my county (I am up to three archery clubs for kids and adding one for adults soon, plus a week long archery summer camp and regular introductory lessons for all ages), I am very grateful for your books.and how they seem aimed at people just like me who have limited archery experience and find themselves jumping right in to coaching. With our JOAD club just starting up and many of the kids getting sights and releases for the first time, hopefully this book will help me to get them going more seamlessly than if I fumbled through it by trial-and-error on my own. Thanks for all you do!


    • Thank you. In addition I am trying to make this blog a place where coaches can ask questions, safely, on any level and receive some helpful comments, so please do feel free to ask any questions you have. If I can’t answer them, well, I know a lot of people. :o)


  2. charleslopez

    Reblogged this on Charles' Archery Blog and commented:
    Steve Ruis, fellow blogger, author and coach has written an archery coaching book “Archery Coaching How To’s”. I have not encountered another book on coaching archery in the past. I think one is sorely needed. I will be adding his book to my library, you may want to do the same. His book is available on Amazon. I’ve re-blogged his write up below:


    • Thanks! And you are right anout the paucity of archery coaching books. I have three others (Coaching Archery, More on Coaching Archery, and Even More on Coaching Archery) and we are just now publishing “Larry Wise on Coaching Archery” which will be out in just a few days (more are planned). I am still looking for an author who can write about coaching traditional archers, so if you know of anybody or want to give it a go yourself, let me know.


  3. Don

    I’ve read and enjoyed this new book of yours. Thanks!


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