Another Hot Off the Press Announcement!

We have formally launched the Watching Arrows Fly Coaching Library with the release of Larry Wise’s new archery coaching book Larry Wise on Coaching Archery. This book is now available on and I just put the finishing touches on a Kindle version for those of you who prefer that (plus it is only $9.95 — and for some strange reason the two editions are listed separately, so you have to search for the Kindle edicition separately).

If you don’t know Larry Wise, he is one of the premier compound coaches in the world. Currently he is helping the USA Archery folks write up the National Training System for compound archers. His new book is full of advice for compound and bowhunting coaches and was written also for those coaching themselves. This book fills a very large hole in the coaching literature as Larry address not only what to teach but how to teach it.

LWonCA Cover v4 (large)


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6 responses to “Another Hot Off the Press Announcement!

  1. Don

    Larry is a great coach (and all round human being)! Also a veteran math teacher! He helped me get my archery program started in Bellefonte PA. I’m eagerly awaiting the UPS delivery of this new book!


    • Larry and I are of a similar age, both were teachers, and both are now coaches. He is a great guy. Now if I only had his competetive record! (My excuse is I didn’t get started with archery until I was over forty.)

      If you enjoy the book (or even if not) please write a review on to help others make their own buying decision.


  2. Hey, that’s Larry’s territory! He does Level 3s in the PA area (more than anyone else has done). We did one together here in the Chicago area last summer and I can tell you that it was a great course. (If you want I can send him your email address so he can contact you.) Steve


    • Don

      I did my Level 2 with Larry and he helped me get my program in Bellefonte PA started! We met at Penn State a few years ago. He told me about the Level 3 he did with you and it sounded like a great time. Any plans to do something like that again?


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