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Hooray! Announcing the Archery Coaches Guild!

For the longest time we have needed an organization to support the work of archery coaches and now we do … starting today. This group is just getting started and upon the right foot. They are actually asking coaches what they want! (Amazing idea!) So, if you go to the site, be sure to fill out the questionnaire. You can join for free (for now, there will be dues later, but you get to decide whether to continue or not; you will not be asked for a credit card or any other payment for the time being).

Here is the “press release.”

New Archery Coaches Organization Formed

The Archery Coaches Guild has been formed to serve the needs of archery coaches at all levels wherever they may be in the world. The organization centers on its website ( and membership is free during the initial phase. The organization is being built with input from archery coaches., so the ACG Steering Committee asks that you fill out a questionnaire when you join to provide the necessary direction.  Your participation will ensure that the organization has the best chance to realize its potential. If you join or send an email to, you will receive emails updating the construction progress as they “Build the Guild”. (Email addresses will be used for no other purpose.)

The Mission of the Archery Coaches Guild is: “… to support archery coaches at all levels by providing forums, information, discussions, conferences, connections to other coaches and any other service that will advance the coaching of archery.”

For more information, go to or send an email to

Addendum The email link does not seem to work but the web site URL now does. (Cinco de Mayo 3:33 CDT)



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