Any Ideas on How to Market Your Coaching Business?

QandA logoI received a question recently for which I had no answer, namely, did I have anything on marketing a coach’s coaching business? I admitted I had nothing but was interested in anything they would come up with. Do any of you have novel or even pedestrian ways to make your coaching services known to the archery community? (All I’ve got is business cards.)



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7 responses to “Any Ideas on How to Market Your Coaching Business?

  1. Probably 98% of my business is from my web page ( I usually have 2 private or semi-private lessons per week, though it has been as high as 5. After 3 or 4 lessons, I steer them into my JOAD/AAP club.


  2. archeryhowto

    Here in Germany archery is not a sport that one expects to pay the coach for. So my coaching is only paied by the club(s) i’m working for and it is not that much. Right now I only provide a webpage ( to provide some additional infos (also for free). The webpage has some Ads on it and some affiliate links. Nothing more to expect money coming from.


    • Interesting. Do soccer/football coaches get paid? Do gymnastics or golf coaches get paid? In the U.S. there is a general understanding in the archery community that coaching is for free (at least for kids). But in other sports the fees are quite substantial. So, I am asking is the lack of pay typical of all other sports, too?


      • Björn Rudner

        Soccer coaches are usualle not paid by the participents itself but often by the club. Golf and tennis coaches get paid very well. Often around 80-100 $ per hour for individual coaching. Gymnastics coaches do not get paid individualy but quite often there are high fees for fitness-studios that provide good coaching.


      • Pretty much the same as in the U.S. So, the pay of archery coaches has been determined by … ? This is a topic I hope the Archery Coaches Guild will take up.

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  3. Sarah T., northern Michigan

    Well, I am a noob at coaching, and I can own that. I started coaching my own kids about a year ago, and starting next week, I will have three new students. My motivation in taking on some non-family students was simply the dilemma I found for my own kids: there are not many “activities” options for kids in small towns, or if your kid doesn’t want to play the usual “team” sports. To top that off, lessons for gymnastics or martial arts cost an arm and a leg! So I thought, “There needs to be something more for kids.”
    This brings up my two-cents-input on the marketing topic: I didn’t advertise to the archery community around here at all (there hardly ISN’T an archery community around here!). I posted a message to other parents in my area on fb, and my hubby passed the word at his job. (What I DO know about marketing, from when I used to be a Realtor, is that the “best” customers come as referrals. I figured this principle applies across the board. Coaching requires trust, and working with friends and referrals means I have some of that from the start).
    My plan is to charge less than gymnastics or karate (in my area, $60/month), but enough to at least cover hay bales, target faces, and a modest reimbursement for my time. My goal is to make the sport accessible to any who want to try, without making myself a martyr.
    Like I said, I’m new to coaching, but this is how I thought it through.


    • Wonderful! When Claudia and I launched our first youth program (actually she did all of the work), I was quite worried about the best way to advertise the program. It was an unfounded worry as we never lacked for students.

      By the way we publish a book by Van Webster (Teaching Archery) that was designed to help people running archery programs. Granted Van was working from a base of an archery club, but the wisdom available applies everywhere.


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