The Equipment Problem

I got an email from Portugal regarding buying archery equipment. The situation the writer is in is: no shops nearby, no ranges nearby, and no help nearby, and help on the Internet is spotty—sound familiar?

I get this question so often I am thinking about writing a book or pamphlet or producing an online course to help new archers and/or archery parents understand how to go about fitting, sizing, choosing, and buying archery equipment. The question is which?

Response Requested
What would you rather have:
a. a book/pamphlet
b. online course
c. an instructional video

This would be something you could refer to your students, archery parents, general questioners and it would be available relatively inexpensively. (If a book, you could buy copies from us at discount and sell to your customers.) Please respond with a comment (a., b., or c. plus anything you want to add)

Realize that brands and models go in and out of fashion (and business) rather quickly so the advice would have to be generic so as to not go out of date quickly. The fitting and sizing parameters have been stable for quite a few decades but brands/models come and go.



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14 responses to “The Equipment Problem

  1. Michael Le Grand: Le Grand Window Cleaning Company

    Hi Steve,

    I am just getting back in to archery after about 30 years and am finding it difficult to find local resources for Olympic style archery. I personally think all three world be very helpful. A and C sound the best.

    Michael Le Grand Radcliff, Kentucky

  2. A pamphlet that could be available in pro shops and for JOAD clubs would be really nice. An instructional video would be great for those who don’t have any pro shops near by.

  3. I’m with Michael. I would like both a pamphlet and an instructional video! I wish a resource like this was available when I started purchasing my gear

  4. the advantages of video are you can different angles and the presenters voice can provide more inflections and emotions in the descriptions making it more personal.

    I feel a combination of video and leaflet / book showing advice works well

  5. Sue Palsbo

    On-line course with supplemental videos. I think you’ll need to do several: generic beginner (what to look for, how much to spend, what to spend it on); then several intermediate levels when people start to specialize different bow types and competitive (or recreational) events.

    The “Nu Sensei” You-Tube videos are quite good (a high school teacher in Australia) and you might want to partner with him.

    • Oh, great! Now I have multiple projects! :o)

      Hi, Sue!

    • I just checked out the NuSensei YouTube videos and remembered seeing some of these before.

      I have this problem with videos … they take too long and cost too much to make and are hard to make any money from them. If you look at what he can accomplish in just a few minutes, well it is not much. I think the problem with videos is you cannot skim or skip over stuff, consequently you are stuck learning at the teaching speed. With print materials, there is more reader control (skimming, skipping, etc.).

      I am currently working on the print materials and then will consider the video stuff. Since this will be something we want to make available at low cost, I don’t want to spend a lot of money in production that i can’t recoup.

  6. Sarah T.

    I’ve always found downloadable PDF to be an easy and quick format.

    • Thanks!

      On Mon, Feb 1, 2016 at 7:13 AM, A Blog for Archery Coaches wrote:


      • Benedick Visser


  7. Krish Rama

    Steve, I live in Mauritius. There is absolutely no archery equipment available on the island and as such everything is imported.
    I am also a level 2 archery coach. This is relevant as the person who came over to instruct me, was actually from Portugal and is licenced by World Archery. Portugal has a large archery community and access to all sorts of equipment on line.
    As for your book, I believe that books come first and then if popular enough, then the it can be made into a ‘Hollywood blockbuster’.

    • If you would like a copy of the first draft to review (to help make it what is needed). Send me an email at mentioning the title (A Beginners Guide to Archery Equipment) and I will send you a review copy. If you send a review by the end of February, I will send you a copy of the book when it is done.

  8. David Beeton

    A or B is great for me. As you say, you can print off a booklet and give out and/or you can link to a website or email it out to prospective beginners.

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