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In my last post I asked you about providing equipment help to new archers and parents of new archers and those of you who responded seemed to think it was a good idea. So I wrote a booklet The Beginner’s Guide to Archery Equipment … well, I have a first draft anyway. You can help bring the project to completion by doing this: if you send me an email at ruis.steve@gmail.com mentioning the title above, I will send you a PDF copy of the draft booklet. It has a few photos included but more will be added, so it isn’t really complete. If you read it and submit a review to me (at ruis.steve@gmail.com) by the deadline of February 28, 2015, I will send you a copy of the finished book.

Please ignore typos, etc, as such things will be corrected later. What I want to know is:

  1. Will this be helpful?
  2. Did I leave anything important out?
  3. Are the directions clear enough (photos will be added)?

The plan is to make this available in an eBook format (Kindle? PDF?) for cheap (US$2.99) and then look at videos to accompany The Guide.


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