And It’s Free!

If you haven’t yet noticed, Mental Management Systems (the Basshams), have established a YouTube Channel:

I recommend it to you. Lanny Bassham just posted a short video on “trying too hard” that is very much worth viewing.



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3 responses to “And It’s Free!

  1. George Zimmerman

    I have read “with winning in mind” and found it useful applied to all sorts of endeavours.


  2. Krish Rama

    Thank you for the link Mr. Ruis. As a coach, I found it super useful and have applied it with my students.
    On another note, I would like to ask if any of the coaches are experimenting with other types of draw styles ?
    I ask this as I have recently created a draw style that my students find easier to perform. Results are the same.


    • Hi, Krish,

      You mentioned this earlier and I asked for more detail. If you would be so kind as to describe what you are doing in more detail, I will post it on the blog as a “Guest Post.” If it is of enough interest, we may publish it in Archery Focus magazine for which you would receive US$100 (you decide if the offer is made, I do not publish work without permission).

      Please send your description (if you intend to do so) to which is my personal email address.

      And, many different draws have been experimented with. The last major article we had in AFm involved a draw with the palm outward (instead of palm inward). It has a number of intriguing advantages.


      On Tue, Jul 19, 2016 at 2:11 AM, A Blog for Archery Coaches wrote:



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