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I have been watching the Olympic Archery coverage online, not because I am particularly interested in the outcomes (I am not.) but out of professional interest. Yesterday I watched the quarter final through medal matches for the men’s team competition. Until the medal matches, the team with the better alignment won the matches. But in the medal matches, it was different. In those the team that was mentally stronger won, possibly because the technical differences were much smaller. The winning Korean team showed me something I hadn’t seen from them before: mental toughness. In the past they displayed their technical excellence but crumpled under pressure. Not so yesterday. I can not imagine them being beaten by another team when they perform like that: almost perfect technical execution with mental calmness and security. A near flawless performance.

Now, if you want me to post more, I need ideas as to what you want to know. If you will send me questions or ideas for posts (use my personal email ruis.steve@gmail.com) I will do my best to answer them and if I cannot I will do my best to find someone who will.



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2 responses to “Want More?

  1. kmartin

    Can you provide the link you were using for the online archery coverage?


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