I found this great article about the role coaches play in the success of star athletes. Since they wanted US$500 to re-post it here, I am just adding a link.

FYI, for non-English speakers “FYI” is shorthand for “For Your Information”

Coaching Can Make or Break an Olympic Athlete


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4 responses to “FYI

  1. kmartin

    Readers enjoying this article may also wish to see:


    • Interesting that they don’t supply names for the people they are interviewing (other than from the backs of jerseys). The coaching literature regarding coaching at tournaments in archery is almost nonexistent. I may have somebody willing and able to write about it now, but I have been trying for years.


  2. Robin Autry

    Thanks for sharing though this is no surprise. Research conducted in most fields have found that people do better based on their relationships (student/educator relationship; defendant/probation officer relationship; patient/doctor relationships etc.)


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