More on Coaching Males and Females: Same or Differently

A reader sent the following link ( for an interesting article on this topic. I don’t know if it is behind a pay wall or not as I am a “member” so to speak of the organization. So, let me know if you can’t get to it.


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6 responses to “More on Coaching Males and Females: Same or Differently

  1. David Beeton

    An interesting outlook on mixed -gender coaching! I have come across similar publications during my teaching career and I still apply some of the lessons and observations to my archery coaching. At least the girls that I have in my Junior squad tend to stay focussed for longer and don’t sit and play phone-games while waiting to shoot! I think I might ban the use of mobiles/cells during practice sessions!


    • Coach Krish Rama

      Have same issue with mobile phone priorities. None of my students is allowed to have a mobile phone within a 10 metre distance of my archery range. Even so, I check and confiscate what is being sneaked in.
      I did a session not to long ago where all students were asked to hold their phone whilst shooting.
      All students are asked to put machines on vibrate but then they just slip the damn thing into their pocket.
      By the way, I have just warned a student that they will be ejected if their use of phone continues to distract other students.
      I don’t care for these things and won’t tolerate them.


      • As a child, I had trouble learning to concentrate. I have no idea how current youths will ever learn this as their environment is one of constant distraction (both external and internal ones).

        Good to hear from you Coach!


  2. Coach Krish Rama

    Regarding the article, I have a comment that could change the accepted view of the gender discussion.
    Males compete and that is genetically programmed in to the core of what they are. Cave men will always behave in the way that they are designed to behave.
    Regarding females, this is a completely different issue.
    You can view it from whatever angle you want but should always understand that there is a bigger picture, that is animalistic in its very nature.
    In the animal world (for that is what we all are), females are the most competitive and adaptable of the genders.
    Place a female in competition against a male and the male will either win through effort or be allowed to win. Scary thought but it is a reality.
    Place a female against a female in competition and the dynamics change.
    The level of competitiveness between females, increases and far outstrips what is found amongst cavemen against cavemen competitiveness.
    The female is seriously underrated when it come to direct physical attributes but there is genetically inbuilt issue, that is exists.
    My female archery students, are amazing when competing against other females but put a male amongst them and there is a visible change.
    On line, there are articles about this very phenomenon. Look for it and read to understand sporting dynamics of mixed training and competitions.
    Environmental adaptation, is the game changer.


    • There is much we “suppose” that has not been confirmed, so we are still stuck in doing the best we can. I have been reading studies that indicate that competition is different for females than for males. This is not surprising, but too many of our suppositions have proven to be false that I am encouraging more studies be done. Us coaches need all of the help we can get.


  3. David Beeton

    Coach Rish – now that you have mentioned it I can recall certain situations where I can attribute certain “behaviour” patterns to a mixed training session where the dynamic of the session changed after a late arrival of one of the boys! An interesting topic that deserves some more investigation. Could even be a suitable topic for a Level 2 coaching study!


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