Stone Structures in Saudi Arabia Puzzle Scientists … But Not Archers

Through imagery provided by global satellites (in this case Google Earth) mysterious stone structures have been identified in a Saudi Arabia desert (see aerial photo). The purposes of these structures has been speculated upon but no definitive explanation has been produced. They may be as much as 9000 years old.

Clearly, the “old men” of the area were archers who shot off of the point. This “magic” allowed them to bring down much game, allowing them to survive and imbuing the magic with reverence. Of course, the silly scientists didn’t bother to ask a nearby archer if they recognized the images so made.


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3 responses to “Stone Structures in Saudi Arabia Puzzle Scientists … But Not Archers

  1. morehice


    I am not ashamed of seeming ignorant…I don’t understand the stone carvings. I shoot a bare longbow off-season, even though I hunt with a compound that has a sight, so I am personally familiar with both of those kinds of archery. Not so much modern recurves.

    Please take pity and explain the “keyhole” shapes to me!





    • When one shoots “off of the point” the most common sight picture is to have the top of the arrow touching the bottom of the central scoring ring. This was an inside joke for those in on the know, so do not feel embarrassed.

      And you didn’t respond about allowing me to blog on your last question (or I missed your answer). May I?

      On Sun, Nov 19, 2017 at 10:23 AM, A Blog for Archery Coaches wrote:



  2. starground

    There are also compelling evidence of a bare bow cult in Egypt. The silly scientist missed that too, albeit it was right in front of their nose…


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