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Fellow Coaches/Lurkers/Et. Al.,

I am working with an author on a wishlist for archery coaches. To help I would like to know what you would like to have available to support you as a coach … custom whistles, wind gauges, a mentor, books on coaching, videos to explain XYZ, what?



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  1. Literature – not just books. Pamphlets and Web based information. Guidance as to what to read and see – not all content is for me and my interests/development. Mentor(s) – each with their own speciality to learn from. Coaching opportunities alongside fellow coaches – everyone has something, knowledge, ways of approaching their coaching, hints, tips. Camera equipment – even a smart phone not only to take images to support an archer but to show suitable clips for guidance.


  2. Beesley, James (Jim)

    How about a archery log book and some weekly thoughts to think about? (for kids to fill out)


  3. Mr David Beeton

    A cheap but good resolution video camera, tripod and viewing screen.

    Dedicated archery coaching software of some sort, to go with it.


    • All of this is available. I use a golf video analysis computer software (allows two shots side-by-side to be played in syn with lines draw on the screen, etc.) Damned id smart phones don’t take decent videos and after I whined that they didn’t have tripods for them, there is a smartphone case that allows them to be screwed to an ordinary tripod. The smart phone can take the videos and play them back. There are apps for playing videos in slow mo.

      I have commissioned an article on a “cloud camera” (I think that is the category) that allows you to place the camera on any nearby surface, take videos and then send them to your phone via wireless.

      What would be nice is to have all of this lumped together as a system, which is one of the things a good coach support system would do … and which I why I asked you to share such things. (We are going to try the obvious … ask for what we want. ;o)

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      • Ian Kershaw

        It would be good to have a cloud site for Coach A Athlete A … Coach A Athlete B

        Like a file sharing network with Athlete files. One coach can then hold information on his archers that they can access to watch video and view training logs ..


    • Stephen Williams

      I use “Coaches Eye” app on my smart phone for exactly this. Takes video that you can play back in slow motion, draw on with your finger, etc.


      • For that you need a subscription, no? (Last time I checked you did and I hate that.) Plus one of the ranges I coach at has lousy cell service and it wouldn’t work without a connection.


      • Ian Kershaw

        I was thinking more along the lines of a filing cabinet but with the files shared with the athlete .. Not just for video .. documents, communications, log sheets .. I think drop box comes close … It doesn’t have the ability to separate what you share in the way that would be needed.


      • I believe there is such a service now, being offered in the UK.

        On Sat, Jan 20, 2018 at 7:35 AM, A Blog for Archery Coaches wrote:



  4. Coach Krish Rama.

    Expanding on Mr. Beesley’s reply.
    A dedicated site, containing blank templates that could be made accessible to coaches (for downloads).
    A cloud based site that coaches could use to record individual data on their students.


  5. Ian Kershaw

    It’s possibly not a new idea but it would be an advantage to have a technology .. website .. blog … Something were Archery Coaches can see what new coaching aids are out there. This more about new cameras, new software, how to use new features on software.


  6. Ian Kershaw

    I am also working with my local college in a collaborating relationship to develop some video of archers for a game type software video of posture and technique .. Still in the negotiating stages yet but I hope it will be useful to coaches.


  7. morehice

    I use the Explore Archery curriculum from USAA, and I love the activities but would like a better one for the Equipment unit. So for kids 8 and above, a fun activity to learn about their bows and arrows.



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