Puzzling Archery Book Sale Offers

$14.95 (Kindle $8.99) … brand spanking new!

Caveat emptor—buyer beware! I have a general search running on eBay for archery books. I rarely find anything I have not already read, but, well, the search is free…. Lately, actually for quite some time when I thought about it, I have noticed the books that Claudia and I have produced being sold on eBay for prices well in excess of their list prices. At first I thought these were mistakes. Why would anyone pay $50 for a $20 book, available now on Amazon.com?

Well, now I know. There is a cottage industry out there of “sellers” doing this. They find something desirable, in their mind, that is available on Amazon.com and then they list it on eBay with an upcharge. When someone buys that thing, they go on Amazon.com, purchase it as a “gift” and have it shipped to their buyer. After small fees are deducted, the “seller” gets pure profit out of the upcharge. Some times this is small but occasionally I see prices 4-5 times what the list price is. I believe these outrageous listings are there to make the other listings look reasonable. (“Hey honey, there’s this $90 book I want but this other guy is selling it for $40. What a deal!” But it is only $20 new.)

$24.95 (Kindle $9.99) … brand spanking new!

If you are interested in any of our books (published under the Watching Arrows Fly or Archery Education Resources marques) do check for better prices on Amazon. In fact, check all Internet book prices against Amazon’s prices (they usually list the MSLP along with their discounted price).

It bugs me that people are being scammed on products we create.


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7 responses to “Puzzling Archery Book Sale Offers

  1. I saw that is happening on Amazon as well, Steve. Amazon price is £15 other sellers are around £30. I did a double take then went to one of these other sellers and they are indeed on ebay.
    Have you spoke to ebay about this ?


    • eBay are aware as the sources I used to write that post referred to conversations they had with eBay and Amazon. There is nothing illegal about what they are doing. You could go to a local car dealer and buy a car and then try to sell it for a profit elsewhere but … it is the Internet that allows people to make a large number of these low profit deals. This is why I posed the post as a “buyer beware” warning. As a general practice I check both eBay and Amazon and often enough the Internet (with “best price” in the search string) before I commit to a purchase.

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  2. I noticed this myself. Glad you explained the idea behind it all. No, I don’t like it but hey, buyer beware. Thanks for the discussion. It is helpful. I have also noticed that major archery equipment manufacturers are warning of some counterfeits being sold second party.

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  3. Tom Dorigatti

    I have also observed this and wondered how in the heck someone could ever sell any of my 3 books for as much as $300, when Retail is only $29.95 and/or $14.95 respectively! Some are even listed as “used” with asking prices of $200+????
    Ridiculous. I don’t know about “counterfeits” being sold or not. These days, copyrights aren’t safe, Patent licenses are “fair game”. The mentality is “Go ahead, sue me, I have more money that you do, so whatcha gonna to do about it?”
    So many inventors have had their stuff, even though patented stolen or directly copied by others that have big bucks and lots of lawyers that it is ridiculous. Now, we also have so many things being copied and even sold under the name brand in spite of them being pirated!
    No scruples, no ethics; it has become all about money!

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  4. As I mentioned in reply to another comment, what these people are doing isn’t illegal. They are just doing “buy low, sell high” business. You would not do this. I would not do this. The people who do aren’t contributing anything but confusion, but it isn’t against the law. This is why I couched the post as an advisory, rather than called the cops.


  5. Marty

    A fool and his money are soon parted.
    There’s a sucker born every minute.

    This is not a declining aspect of the internet.

    Well, it IS the internet – OOO-O-O it’s the INTERNET!, with Twitter kittens and baby giggles – how can there be anything wrong??

    Since we’ve stopped using schools to teach / educate, the wily will continue to florish, the gullible will continue to share kittens videos….


    • Back in the early days, when email was new, I often commented that we had created the world’s largest and easiest communication system, only to use it as a joke distribution network. Jokes were circulating on the Internet then as kitten videos are now.

      On Thu, Jul 5, 2018 at 9:09 AM, A Blog for Archery Coaches wrote:


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