Recommended Reading?

I read a lot. I therefore end up buying archery-related books only to be disappointed. One I was not disappointed in is:

Archery Fitness: Physical Training for The Modern Archer by Mr Ashley Kalym Author), Mr Chris Frosin (Photographer)
This book fairly straightforwardly addresses how conventional weight training can up your archery game. I haven’t finished it yet, but I think I will be recommending it for what it does. We needed this book.

Another find is:

The History of Archery by Theodore R. Whitman
I just started this and I have have read a great many books with this same title. Whether it can improve or even add to what I have already read I will have to see.

Modern Archery: Advanced Tuning Techniques by Vernon A Coop
I am going to have to read this again carefully because it seems as if to understand what the author is saying, you have to already know what he is trying to tell you.

This next book is more than a little strange.

Archery: Pull In Better Scores & Results by Tummala, Crystal
This book has very few words (very) and its two recommendations are to apply the Law of Attraction and prayers to improve your archery. I have a problem with one of these two and you will probably be surprised as to which. The Law of Attraction I have no problem with in this context. I think it is basically an application of Bassham’s first law, namely: the more you talk, think, and write about something, the more likely it is to happen. Where I have a problem is with praying for archery improvements. With thousands of children dying from starvation every day and other atrocities occurring worldwide, I find praying for the outcomes of football games or archery performances to be vastly wide of the mark. (Not Recommended)

All of these are available form (Actually, I got The History of Archery on eBay.) and probably not your local bookseller who is being put out of business by

What’s on your book stand?


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5 responses to “Recommended Reading?

  1. I own: “Total Archery”, Kisik Lee and Tyler Benner; your fine book, “Winning Archery” (digital edition); Astra Archery’s “Specific Physical Training Handbook”; “Training for Archery” by Jake and Heather Kaminski; and “Archery” by USA Archery. I also have read many others via my archery club’s extensive lending library. I started out as a recurve archer and now shoot compound release so that is why I have the more recurve oriented “Total Archery”/SPT books.


    • I tend not to recommend Coach Lee’s books as they are more about coaching and the information therein, if an archer tries to implement it, often gets misinterpreted. (Plus the focus is all wrong. (Coaches viewpoint is from outside in; archer’s viewpoint is from inside out.)

      If you want a book about compound archery that will serve you well, try Larry Wise’s “Core Archery.” It is the best. You may also benefit from Bernie Pellerite’s first book.

      On Wed, Nov 28, 2018 at 8:25 PM A Blog for Archery Coaches wrote:



  2. Mike

    It looks like Modern Archery: Advanced Tuning Techniques is for compound? Is there anything you could recommend for tuning recurve?


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