One Arrow at a Time? Sounds Like a Plan

Source: Author: Andrea Vasquez.

The Russian compound women’s open team broke the seventh world record of the day.

Stepanida Artakhinova, Tatiana Andrievskaia and Anastasia Dzhioeva improved their own world record for team qualification with a combined score of 2037 out of a possible 2160 points.

“We were surprised to see we beat the world record,” said Tatiana. “We were just shooting, step by step. However, at home, we’ve achieved even better results than the one from today. But we are happy.”

Makes sense to me.


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2 responses to “One Arrow at a Time? Sounds Like a Plan

  1. This is my first time seeing your blog and I am impressed. I would agree with you that kids pushed too hard at a young age are more likely to burn out. My only hesitation is taking the competition out of it. I always liked to win as a kid but i could be wrong. What are your insights into that?


    • The kids in the programs mentioned are part of a large sports program, so they are used to it. Instead of competing against one another, maybe we could have as a goal of shooting a new personal best. An award could be given for doing that, but why is that needed. Imagine a smiling young archer coming home with a new PB! In contrast to one who comes home with a new PB and came in last.

      I do not know what to do but I think it is worth exploring.

      I also wrote a book chapter on youth age shooting categories. Most of the possible categories at Vegas, for example go uncontested. Most of the rest have few participants. Many that have 5-6 kids really don’t have that many contesting for medals as there is almost always the case where the top three are head and shoulders above the rest. In just a few categories are the archers at the top tightly bunched. Still they give out awards galore and is that the purpose? (Sometimes I think that is the purpose–to distribute awards, rather than create learning experiences, enjoyable competitions, whatever.)

      Like I said I do not know what to do but it is interesting that others are doing different things.


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