Cute or Horrifying?

Consider the photo (Source: Facebook) below. How do you react to it?

I found the photo charming, darling even. My partner found it horrifying. As background, you should know that when we were teaching youth archery classes, we actually created a class for the younger brothers and sisters of the students in the classes who desperately wanted to participate. Typically a child needs to be about eight-years old to participate in archery. This is for physical reasons but mostly because the child needs to be mature enough to understand the safety rules and be trusted to follow them … and we were going younger. We roped in child development specialists to help in the effort, as well as a small army of coaches to coach our “Hot Shots.” Each session ended with a flag ceremony (to the Olympic movement TV theme); we laid it on thick.

The kids were well behaved. They shot. No one got hurt. And we decided to never do it again. It just took much effort on our part to pull such a thing off. We did get some cute photos.

So, my comment on the photo (top) was that there were no arrows in evidence and we do not know where they were going or what they would be doing. For all I knew they could be going to a park for a Spring Bow Dance. But my partner’s point was more than apt. The whole purpose of a bow is to launch arrows. Archery is weapons training.

So, what do you think?


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2 responses to “Cute or Horrifying?

  1. I am a retired teacher and have taught classrooms of Pre-K (ages 3-5) for two years and First Grade for six years. I also taught Elementary School Physical Education classes for ages 4-8 at a large private school. No way would I teach archery in a class setting to kids under age 6. Just too immature. One on one, maybe but even that might be hard.


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