Well, This is Sad

Sorry this has been a slow posting time. I have been sick for almost a month now (and quite tired of being so). Steve

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I bit on a book offered on Amazon.com entitled: Mastery of Re-curve Bow Shooting: Full Guide to Learn as Well as Master Re-curve Bow Shooting; Shoot Just Like a Pro with Precision Plus Accuracy by Kenny B.A. Hardwood

Since it was only $3.99 in the Kindle version, I though I would take a look. If it was any good, I might be able to recommend it to you and my students.

The book is very, very short and seems to have been written by someone whose mother tongue is not English. I found quite a bit of it to be undecipherable. Here are some excerpts:

“This is a fascinating guide and a perfect introduction to the way to shoot a re-curve bow. There are more details concerned with the shooting methods or techniques, or better still stuff you will do to make your aim perfect one. The goal of this guide is to provide you a basic step by step guide so you don’t find yourself scratching your head once get your initial re-curve bow and conceive to shoot it.”

and . . .

“Also, ever-suffering sinistrals (left-handers? SR) can probably be experienced at swapping right for left. Besides, the steering is aimed toward curve target archers.

The shortcuts:
*Your stance or the stance is poor
*The string hits your arm
*You grip the bow too firmly or tightly
*You do not perpetually anchor within the same place
*You do not check the string image
*You do not meditate enough.”

and . . .

“Normal recommendation for born bow arms is to line up early, and to stay up aim throughout the shot – the sight need to air the target and stable, but not managed stiffly once you unhitch, and you need to be looking the arrows in the centre.”

If I am missing something here and you have read and understood this book, I will be quite glad to hear from you.


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4 responses to “Well, This is Sad

  1. Lifetime Archery - J. Kristoff


    The author’s name is so far-fetched I did a Google search.


    He seems to be a jack of some trades, master of none.

    So, it looks like he’s got your $4 and we’ve all got a lesson learned.

    Happy Holidays

    John Kristoff Owner, Lifetime Archery USA Archery Level IV-NTS Coach 7711 Welborn Street, #109 Raleigh, NC 27615 (919) 272-2635 – mobile (919) 977-6299 – office



  2. Mart3

    Hope you are better! Thanks for the review / warning.
    For the past two years I have been laid up as much as not for different medical and physical reasons. I was given a Kindle, and have had a great time finding and reading only free books in my limited genre choices. In the past two years I bet I have read 300 free Kindle books – most of these are introductory – 1st books of a series, new authors, 2nd book, etc. Some were entertaining and well written, some were, like your Re-curve Expert books, either written by ESL, or perhaps just poorly translated. Occasionally I found words missing, multiple incomplete sentences, a few miserable or puzzling attempts at colloquialisms, idiomatic expressions, and slang, mixed pronouns, and on and on. Some were so bad or distracting I just stop reading and delete the book.
    “He grabbed a tree from the terra, swang it at his head, but she dodged it out of hand and runned to the auto.”
    I suspect there is some software available “How to Publish your Book Online” that anyone can use to manufacture a book with little or no effort. I can imagine listing a bunch of associated phrases, forcing the text software to auto-correct, then translate from whichever native language it was created – Korean? Farsi? New York Yankee? – into other Kindle-used languages. I also think this software includes default imaginary yet creative 15-20 5 star ratings.
    So currently I only download books in my selected genre that are free, have 4-5 stars, and have more than 50 reviews (except for perhaps a new book by authors I have read and enjoyed before). This cuts down on getting those books from the translated-story-a-minute-publishing-factory.

    I do buy ‘regular’ books, usually at book fairs or discount stores, for USD $0.25-$3.00 – Clancy, Baldacci, many others, never available on Kindle for those low prices. And I have and use Tony Camera’s book (yes, full retail price….).


    • I followed the same path. I rarely buy a Kindle book that costs more than US$2.99, even now. And Amazon has its own publishing service (we use it). They provide guidance through tutorials, blogs, etc. And people have written books to support people in publishing their own books.

      The problem is the same as in the world of computers: garbage in, garbage out. We work with our authors, editing their work and then asking them to make sure our edits did not damage to their work, so they check out what we have done before we publish. Our books are edited, copyedited and proofread. And still the occasional error occurs, which we are able to correct in real time, one of the many benefits of on-demand publishing.

      I am sure you, as have I, have seen more than a few books that spent a great deal more time upon the presentation than upon the content. I am currently reading a quite solid book that clearly was created bu using OCR on a printed text (the errors are typical of that process). It is frustrating that the publisher didn’t do sufficient proofreading to catch those errors. And since we are still making the transition to this form of book publishing, we will have to wait to see how it will play out.


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