Sometimes a Cover is Enough

Caveat Emptor!


As you may know I regularly have scour their offerings for archery books. Recently there have been quite a few new books targeting beginning archers. Sometimes a cover is enough information to invoke the old as time warning “Let the buyer beware! aka Caveat Emptor!

The title starts off a little awkwardly with “Archery Book for Beginners” but no harm, no foul. The target for the book is clearly stated and we usually don’t ask much more from a title. The subtitle, though is where we go off the rails: “Learn How to Archery in 90 Minutes . . .” So, archery is now a verb? WTF? The sub goes on “. . . and Pickup an New Hobby.” Okay I can be a grouchy grammarian but really? How about “. . . and Pick Up a New Hobby?”

After the zinger it goes on (Please, don’t!) “(including archery fundamentals).” What happened to the capitals? What kind of book for beginners would not include the fundamentals? Sheesh.

All of this is only US$21.95! That’s almost a dollar per page (of which there are an astounding 24). I sincerely hope this was published by a precocious child and not a scamming adult. We have enough real problems to not having such “things” turning people away from our sport.


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6 responses to “Sometimes a Cover is Enough

  1. I agree but have not read the book myself. By the way, the archery club I belong to put a screen shot of this blog post on our facebook page (The Villages Archery Club) today. Our club has an extensive lending library of archery books and many new archers.


    • I think lending libraries are a great resource for archery clubs. I will be posting shortly on a number of new coaching books we have published (I am waiting for the latest to be available).

      On Thu, Jan 16, 2020 at 3:19 PM A Blog for Archery Coaches wrote:



  2. Marty

    Well good news Steve – the paperback price is now $8.95USD, and the Amazon Kindle price is $0.99USD. Perhaps still overpriced?


    • I would love to hear from someone who bit on this book. I have written two books for rank beginners which I wanted to be short and neither could I squeeze down under 100 pages. I wonder what could be said *that is helpful* in fewer than 25.

      On Fri, Jan 17, 2020 at 10:59 AM A Blog for Archery Coaches wrote:



      • Marty

        Tempting as it is, even at only $0.99, I’m not biting. With the advent of the internet copy/paste publishing is easy, and who even remembers what a proofreader is?
        I can’t imagine what was left OUT in this quasi-literate little book. Even you can’t tell me all the reasons Why I Suck at Archery in less than 100 pages… 🙂

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  3. A word to the wise is sufficient? :o)


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