New Books We Have Published

We have been busy publishing books recently and I can’t remember whether I have mentioned these to you or not, so rather than scour through my posts I will just list these.

The Young at Archery by Hugh D.H. Soar
This delightful book is by an honest to goodness archery historian and it explores how young people have been taught archery over the years. If you compare then and now (Hugh does.) you will find things very, very different. (Yes, we are doing a better job!)

Bob Ryder on Coaching Collegiate Archery by Bob Ryder
We are proud of this book because this is the only book ever written on coaching collegiate archers (there have been some on teaching collegiate students). Bob Ryder is a very, very, very successful collegiate coach and he shares his wisdom freely, even dating back to when he was a champion collegiate archer himself. And what he has written will help all archery coaches, not just college team coaches. This will be a coaching classic in short order.

Mastering Archery, 2nd Ed. by James Park, Ph.D.
We convinced Dr. Park to allow us to republish this book which had gone OOP (out of print) like so many other archery books. We often say that archery is not rocket science, but in this case we all benefit from Dr. Park’s engineer’s approach to archery (His Ph.D. thesis was on arrow flight characteristics.) If you are curious about the whys of archery, we can recommend this book as being easy to read and easy to understand.

Coach Yourself! by Steve Ruis
This is not quite “out” yet as Claudia is still working in the Kindle edition, but it will be available shortly. I wrote this book because I had so many inquiries from people interested in archery but with no coach or archery club nearby. Coaching yourself is not the best option for an archer, but it is also not the worst. I tried to write it in the spirit that if a coach were to be acquired that what readers will have learned will help them work with their coach.

Yet More on Coaching Archery (Steve Ruis on Coaching Archery #5) will be out in a month or so.

Whew …

Oh, all of these are available (or will be) on










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