It’s Out!

Okay, my latest book Coach Yourself! is now available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle versions. Enjoy!

FYI this book is not recommending that you coach yourself, I do not consider this to be the best … nor the worst option, but for many it is your only option. I wrote this for archers in this situation, with the secondary goal that if you do actually hook up with a good coach, the recommendations in this book will be helpful in creating a positive, constructive, and fruitful relationship with them.



And Now for Something Completely Different ...
At the printer right now (metaphorically anyway) is yet another of my books of essays on coaching archery. This is #5 with #6 in first draft so that one will also be available within a month or two. These essays are on various aspects of coaching archery having the intention of being thought provoking. I would expect that someone might read one of these essays per day or per week (there are 40 some odd essays in this volume) so that you’d have time to think about what was discussed. These are short essays, because I know you are all busy people and have other things to do. YMOCA should be available in about two weeks (we have ordered a proof copy which has to be inspected and once final, Claudia has to make the Kindle edition). Unlike previous editions, none of these essays have been published before, although some have their roots in posts I wrote for this blog and then expanded upon.


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7 responses to “It’s Out!

  1. I’ve just checked on Amazon – only paperback – where is Kindle edition?

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  2. Coach Rama

    And yet, the title is; ‘Coach yourself’.
    Why not call it ‘You cannot coach yourself’ ?
    Coaches are the professionals, because we have the ‘coaching passion’ and have spent so many years becoming qualified in this field.
    The athlete is the nail and we are the hammer.
    I have no problem with the contents of the book but I do have an issue with the title.

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    • And if no coach is available? Surely you understand this. Or if the only coach available does not coach your style?

      Here is my hierarchy for coaching in archery, from best situation to worse: Good Coaching Remote Coaching Self-coaching Casual Coaching (by friends) No Coaching Bad Coaching

      As you can see, I do not recommend self-coaching, unless it is your best option available. And since people do do this, is it not better that they have some guidance?

      On Sun, Feb 9, 2020 at 5:29 AM A Blog for Archery Coaches wrote:


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    • To “Coach” Rama:
      I prefer to be my own coach. Information from other is welcomed but I need to think about that information, “digest” it and adjust to myself. In doing so I am creative and not just a “racing horse” from someone else. That’s why your “hammer and nail” concept sounds to me more like “pimp and …” – or even worse: like parents transferring their unfulfilled ambitions onto their child. No offense.

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