Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood . . .

I have written a number of times now that we, as archery coaches, should not be teaching ways to shoot bows as “right ways” and “wrong ways.” This tendency is a natural consequence of teaching beginners, who even if we do not use the terms “right” and “wrong” interpret things that way.

But we, ourselves, have carried the idea of there being a right way to shoot arrows from a bow to extremes, possibly as a way to sell what we are peddling (knowledge/competence, books, training programs, etc.).

Now, please realize that because I do not think we should be teaching “right ways” and “wrong ways” of shooting, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t right ways and wrong ways of shooting for you.

A shooting technique is something an archer builds. Because of the equipment, the laws of physics, and the task, everyone ends up looking quite similar but, as Coach Kim of Korea says “Everyone same, everyone different.”

Once an archer has built their technique (through quality shooting) and then memorized it (through quantity shooting) then shooting their way is the “right way.” If they deviate from their technique, then they are shooting the “wrong way.” We each get to define what is the right and wrong ways to shoot and they apply just to us and no one else.

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Bonus points if you recognize the song lyric in the title and can name the group that made that song a hit.


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5 responses to “Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood . . .

  1. Dave Beeton

    Nina Simone, 1964 and The Animals, 1965, plus a couple of others. Joe Cocker?


    • I am a massive Joe Cocker fan, so bonus bonus points for that. The Animals made it a big hit in the US, I suppose in the UL also.

      I saw Joe in concert three times and missed him when he came through Chicago just before he died.

      On Wed, Mar 4, 2020 at 10:12 AM A Blog for Archery Coaches wrote:



  2. Nina Simone recorded the song in 1964. The Animals covered it in ’65 with a rock version which made it on both sides of the Atlantic.
    I always start by saying there is no’ right’ way to shoot a bow and arrow, but some ways are better than others (extra points for the literary allusion) using an economy of movement and energy.


    • I am working on a book about coaching based upon physical principles. The less you fight nature, the better off we all are (unless you are a US politician, then it appears to be okay.)

      I say “What I would like to see …” a lot when I coach beginners. Since I can be way too wordy, that keeps me focused on instructions for the archer and not on the tons of background information in my possession. :o)

      On Wed, Mar 4, 2020 at 10:36 AM A Blog for Archery Coaches wrote:



  3. Ana Cristina Barreto Santos

    Best opinion ever!
    Nina Simone


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