We Are All Elites Now!

I just got back huffing and puffing from a walk of the dog. The huffing and puffing is partly due to wearing a mask across my mouth and nose and, well, the fact that I have asthma.

Long distance runners have known for long that training at altitude produces benefits. The argument goes: at altitude the atmospheric pressure is less, so each breath contains less of everything, including oxygen. So prolonged training at altitude causes an adaption to a more efficient respiratory system, capable of capturing more of the oxygen breathed in. A return to sea level results in more atmospheric pressure, more air in each breath, more oxygen in each breath, and a greater ability to capture that extra oxygen which leads to more stamina, more power, and presumably better performances. (It is like supercharging an automobile engine.)

In the past few years elite athletes, including LeBron James, rather than taking a trip to Colorado have adopted using air-restricting masks to simulate the same kind of training.

Well this pandemic has made us all elite athletes now . . . if you are wearing the recommended masks when you go out.

I am still searching for a mask that meets all of my requirements and, I suspect, that I won’t find “the one” until we no longer need to wear the masks. Actually, the mask requirement will be lifted only after I have bought a supply of the new masks, which will be expensive of course, thus keeping Murphy’s Law alive and well in the new millennium.


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4 responses to “We Are All Elites Now!

  1. Doug Oswald

    Coach Ruis, the author, Michael Lewis, has a podcast titled “Against the rules”. Season 2, currently running, is about coaching; the value of coaching in various aspects of our lives and how coaching has changed. If you have had an opportunity to listen to it, I would appreciate hearing your thoughts.


    • It sounds interesting … I wish I had time to listen to podcasts. The damned things are so linear, with no easy way to skip around, like you can a print article.

      Tease me some, what are your takes? Is he talking about sports coaching or personal coaching, per se?

      On Fri, Jun 12, 2020 at 8:54 PM A Blog for Archery Coaches wrote:



      • Doug Oswald

        There are 6 episodes that cover different aspects of how coaches affect our lives. One episode addresses the balance between a demanding, tough coach who is able to motivate his or her athletes, as opposed to one who crosses the line into belittling meanness. Another episode discusses what he describes as a revolution in coaching created by the book “The Inner Game of Tennis” by Timothy Gallwey; and the mental aspect of performance. Still another discusses what he calls “data coaches”-the way technology has transformed the way coaches use data to enhance performance. Throughout, he raises the issue of how coaching contributes to inequality. He does all of this in an engaging conversational style.

        By the way, thank you for taking the time to share your insights through this blog, the Archery Focus magazine and your books. I have learned learned a great deal.


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  2. Thanks, Doug, I appreciate the kind words. I struggle with podcasts and videos because you have to watch/listen to them to find out if you want to watch/listen to them. The podcasts sound like ground already plowed (I have read a lot already), so I am going to pass. But consider writing a review for this blog (I will post it as a “Guest Post” under your name and you can recommend them to all of the others. Just send me your post at ruis(dot)steve(at)gmail(dot)com if “you want to play.”

    And thanks for the tip. I get ideas for what to write about from people who ask questions and make recommendations.


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