Just Sayin’

From The Guardian:

“Tyler Herro, a 20-year-old rookie, poured in a career-high 37 points to lead the NBA’s Miami Heat to a three games to one series lead. Tyler Herro should still be in college. He’s not, but is still a student.

“He carries a red spiral-bound notebook with him at all times, jotting down notes when things pop into his head. What worked, what didn’t, where he thinks he can get better and how he’s feeling after a game.”

A notebook and a commitment to using it is an archer-athlete’s greatest training aid used to improve.

Just sayin’.


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3 responses to “Just Sayin’

  1. Coach Rama

    Once in a while, an ‘individual’ appears.
    They CONNECT in a way that is above and beyond the understanding of us mere mortals.
    If BIG SPORT cannot ‘absorb them’, then they are made to disappear.
    So sad.


  2. I so agree! I keep a tiny spiral bound notebook (very inexpensive) with me in my quiver to make notes of every practice. I additionally keep an archery journal on my computer which has scores for practice rounds and tournament in addition to notes concerning equipment, etc. I add-in anything significant that happened during the practices also.


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