Wow! Most Accurate Crossbow Ever!

I just got an ad from the Bowhunters Superstore for “The most accurate long-range CROSSBOW. EVER.” Apparently their excitement caused them to lose control over their type case and punctuation, but I guess we can forgive them for that.

So, what about this beast?

The Vapor RS470 from TenPoint Archery is an impressive piece of kit, I think. The ad focused almost entirely upon the telescopic sight that comes with the bow and says very little about the bow itself. They did, however, supply the MSLP, which is a whopping US $3,999.99. I wonder if anyone will be fooled by that “one penny under” pricing and think this is a $3000 bow.

Now, as to its claim as the “most accurate ever,” well that is bunk of course. Bows do not supply accuracy . . . archers do. Bows are not accurate . . . archers are. Bows supply one thing primarily and that is a consistent launch speed for an arrow or bolt. If you point it in the wrong direction, you miss.

There are many legitimate reasons for shooting a crossbow, but when you take a crossbow to this stage, by including a “wonder scope” with a built in rangefinder, it makes this an experience closer to shooting with a rifle (or a computer-aided missile system, maybe).

When hunting with a bow, part of the appeal is supplying the energy of the projectile as opposed to letting gunpowder do that when rifle or pistol hunting. You draw the bow, loading it with potential energy and then release the arrow providing it with kinetic energy. There are limits to how much energy you can store in a bow. (I once tried to draw a 100# longbow and it felt like trying to pull on a piano string.) Since “fast” crossbows are now drawn with aids that have cranking devices or which allow you to pull with both arms, it is hardly an intimate process as standard bowhunting is.

And for US $4000 you can buy a very nice rifle.

Addendum Woo hoo, I just found that you can get them discounted to US $2,999.99! Again, I wonder if anyone will be fooled by that “one penny under” pricing and think this is a $2000 bow.


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2 responses to “Wow! Most Accurate Crossbow Ever!

  1. Of course, most public and many private archery ranges do not allow crossbows at all to shoot on their range. If folks wish to engage in shooting a crossbow for hunting, well, that is their choice but I do not feel it is the same thing at all as archery.


  2. The banning of crossbows, as I understand it, is because if compressed straw or excelsior butts are used, the short bolts disappear into the bales and the archers damage the bales removing them.

    In the US, target crossbows are limited to being 60 pounds of draw and recurve, not compound design. There is no need to ban those, I think.

    And I like to think archery is a “big tent” sport which has room for many, many variants.


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