In Case You Didn’t Get the Memo

I ran across an ad for a book The Secret of Archery. It turns out to be a book of poems! Which is a good thing, because as you should know by now . . . there are no secrets in archery. Repeat after me, loud and clear . . . There Are No Secrets in Archery!

Anybody claiming to share “secrets” with you is engaging in a marketing ploy. They are pretending that what they have to share is so little known that it is the equivalent to something held as a secret. Granted there are things little known, but that they are known by a great many people is evident, so . . . not secrets.

Just because you don’t know something doesn’t mean that it has been held as a secret to make it hard for you to learn.

There are many things I do not know and I hanker to learn those things, but none of them are secrets. When I am ready I will be able to find someone who does know and will share that with me.

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