A Good Sports Psychology Blog

There is a sport psychology blog I find worth following and so I thought you might also. It is called Sport Psychology for Everyone and the kicker is the poster is Emma Karamovic, a professional basketball player. So, there is no question as to her actually experiencing what it is she talks about.

Here is her “About” statement: “I chose to create a blog about sports psychology and mental toughness because it has helped me tremendously over the past 5-6 years from high school, through college and now to being a professional athlete. For example, I have learned how to tackle problems, effectively use sport psychology techniques and strategies to build a productive and healthy mind. I have also learned how to work my way up to a healthy and strong mindset through adversity. Therefore, I want to share what I have learned, what works for me and how my way of using sport psychology every single day might help you as well. The most critical questions I would like to answer is where to start, how to start, how to maintain and develop positive thinking, as well as mental toughness. I hope that you find this blog beneficial in any aspect.

She writes well, certainly clearly, and does talk about individual sports along with team sports, and she has a BA in Psychology.


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7 responses to “A Good Sports Psychology Blog

  1. Roland

    I find sports psychology fascinating … and it goes way back. Give a listen to George C Scott telling Paul Newman (Fast Eddie) that he is a “born loser”.

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  2. Thank you for this recommendation. I will check her blog out. Many thanks. I appreciate all you do with this blog and the magazine.

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  3. This is so intriguing! Love the topic and so well written!
    I’d love if you could check out my blog too on Psychology. I too have an article on sports Psychology.

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  4. Jim Butler

    Thanks for the suggestion Steve. This blog is great 🙂
    The sports psychology blog at Sports Performance Directory is also a good read – https://sportsperformance.directory/category/sports-psychology/


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