I Read These So You Don’t Have To . . .

This review is of a book I bought because there is a sore need of help for archery range designers. The title is The Roving Archery Course and the subtitle is “A Guide for Course Planning, Construction, and Appreciation” by Tom Moore and Spence Colby.

Unfortunately, the book suffers from a lack of organization. The first “chapter” is a glossary of terms. I can’t think of a bigger turn off than starting an archery book with a glossary, unless it be the ubiquitous “History of Archery” chapter that so many archery books began with for decades.

If you were faced with the task of designing an outdoor archery range, what would you like to have in the way of instructions as to how to do that task? Most people would like step-by-step instructions (Do this first, then do that, and finally. . . .), illustrative photos, lists of key points, etc. All of the information you would want to help you and more is in this book but it is as if they poured it all into a bowl and set on it with a kitchen mixer. In one almost continuous stream of consciousness, the book races from the first to the last page. There is no table of contents, no index, no lists, no structure per se except their guiding construct for the creation of a range being the making of a stew, which is accurate but not so helpful.

If you are tasked with creating a range, but are lacking in interesting ideas to include to make your range more flexible or interesting, by all means read this book, but be prepared to make lots of notes, lists, and instructions as you go because they are all in there, just mixed together, like a stew, actually.

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  1. dorigat

    I have been involved in designing, laying out, and putting in 7 field ranges over the years plus reorganizing several others.I was quite familiar with the processes and organization involved and it is not easy at all.I have been on many a range that I could not believe that they ever got approved.  There are some really stupid layouts on many ranges.  Many “rush jobs” with poor planning.Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


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