It Is Not Just the Notebook, but the Writing, Too

I have written often enough about how the lowly notebook is one of a serious archer’s most important tools. I am increasingly asked by students whether taking notes on their phone is okay and I am writing this to explain why I answer “No.”

Do you have any notes on your phone? Can you find them? More importantly, can you organized them by category and maybe time?

A key point is that studies now show that typing notes is not as effective a learning tool as handwriting them. Writing notes out by hand makes them easier to remember. Gosh, I wonder why? To write a note, you must decide what to write and how to write it. What to write is the same task for typing or handwriting, but how to write it is vastly different. Choosing what words to write is important, and apparently, how to write those out by hand is also more memorable (I think because it is more physically complex). This may be due to the task of finding a key to type a letter being similar in every case but writing letters is quite different in every case.

Notebooks are easier to organize . . . equipment notes here, practice plans there, etc. Notebooks batteries don’t run out. And so on.

While I can be one of those “Hey, you kids get off my lawn” old folks, this is not one of those cases. There are just some situations in which analog is better than digital.


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2 responses to “It Is Not Just the Notebook, but the Writing, Too

  1. My take on it is that the initial notes of stats or feelings or important events in summary can be quickly jotted on a note pad at the range and then at home or wherever is desired, transcribed on the lap-top, tablet, or computer or a larger paper based 3-ring binder type file. My Master’s is in Learning and Technology with emphasis on Elementary Education. I do agree with you concerning keeping a journal or diary concerning the day’s archery practice or competition. I keep my personal archery journal on my lap-top.


    • Writing notes and then typing them into a performance manual or whatnot is perfectly acceptable. Trying to keep them in mind in order to get home to type them up doesn’t work however, so you seem to be doing it just right.

      On Thu, May 6, 2021 at 6:21 PM A Blog for Archery Coaches wrote:



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