Wanna Do-over?

I just published a new book called The Best from a Blog for Archery Coaches. And, no I don’t expect you to buy it if you have been following this blog for any time (but you could recommended to others, just sayin’).

I took almost 350 posts from this blog that I thought were helpful or interesting and made a book out of them. I did this for a couple of reasons. One is I could make a little money from this blog (Okay I admit it!), and two I am getting somewhat long in the tooth. I have seen more than just a couple of archery information sources on the Internet disappear. What if WordPress goes belly up? What if WordPress gets taken over by corporate raiders who then require payment for continuation? What if I die? What happens to this blog? Is it left up? Will someone else take it over?

Our book publishing program has a feature to it based upon my first experience in seeking out archery books. When I got into coaching archery I did very extensive searches to find resources for archery coaches, and came up mostly dry (at that time). I then looked specifically for archery books and found great quantities of them, 95+% of which were out of print, so the only way to find them was to scour used book shops (made easier today by services like Abebooks and Bookfinder). We ultimately decided to go the “print on demand” route, which means that books are only printed when there is an order placed. Large stocks of books are not printed and stored (inventory, ugh!). There used to be a minimum print run for books, often 5000 or 10,000 copies and something needed to be done with them until they were sold.

With Print On Demand, books will never (well, hardly ever) go out of print, because the only thing stored are two files: typically one for the cover and the other for the interior content. So, this book, along with the rest of those we produce, will be available for a very long time, if we keep the channels of production open. (We will instruct our heirs what to do to keep receiving royalty checks.)

More importantly, we are currently republishing Al Henderson’s archery coaching magnus opus, Peak Performance Archery. More on that later.

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