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Another Cover Being Just Enough

I consider it a bit of sport to see how archers are portrayed visually and in prose in modern fiction. This is a cover of a book, which I will not buy because there are too many good books to read and, well, sometimes you can judge a book by its cover. (If the publisher cared so little about the cover, how much could they care about the contents?)

In any case, we see our supposed protagonist drawing a bow as a contortionist might. The arrow is on the wrong side of the bow and seems to being held by the fingers of the bow hand, which is not on the correct place on the bow.

The draw involves a bent draw wrist, a no-no, and a low elbow which tends to activate the biceps of the draw arm, another no-no. The bow wrist is kinked, “heeling” the bow, et cetera, et cetera. If the bow has any draw weight at all, she is in danger of wrecking her shoulder by moving her bow arm into place while under load. <sigh>

Possibly they were trying to establish the heroine’s status as a bad ass by showing her disdain for ordinary archery form, like bad guys from the ’hood holding their guns sideways (making their sights useless and a number of other things).

Maybe the pandemic is finally getting to me, maybe I am just bored, . . .


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