More on Training Differences Between Males and Females

This article is by a weight lifting coach (aka strength and conditioning coach), an activity which is comparable to archery because we do reps of applying forces to moving objects, too. It is also important because our performances vary from day to day and there are differences between males and females regarding this level of consistency. Give it a read, if you are so inclined, and tell me what you think.

Click to access Are_There_Differences_in_Training_Women_compared_to_Men.pdf


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2 responses to “More on Training Differences Between Males and Females

  1. Coach Krish Rama.

    Dear Sir,
    I have not looked at the link yet but would like to share something with you.
    Force, power and strength, are very much misunderstood. Which should the archer apply at what moment is something very specific.
    Each is applied (and overlaps) during the routine.
    Efficient use of energy sources in relation to each muscular movement, can also be applied.
    As a coach, I hold courses on the biological, physiological and more. All areas are broken down, with a view to teaching my students how to apply those various things at the right time, with an understanding of how it relates to the reasoning behind the movement.
    We are currently working on the forearm muscles and their role in relation to the fingers again.
    The draw cycle is more complicated than most can comprehend but it must be studied, so as be put into practice, as a method of concientious control.
    Archers are super humans. From the moment we start to assemble our bow, the process starts.


  2. Coach Krish, always good to hear from you!

    I must disagree with you. The needs of the archer and the needs of the coach are different. If the archer gets his/her head full of biomechanical and anatomical and bioenergetic thoughts, this cannot in any way help execute shots. Some students do want to know “why?” but most only want to know that what we have to offer will help them improve and that is only proven with results.


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