How We Control Our Subconscious Actions

The Golf Channel has been having a days long orgasm after Tiger Wood’s comeback was crowned with a major tournament win last weekend. In the post-Masters press conference Tiger was asked whether any of his father’s advice came into mind during his performance and his answer was “Sure, putt to the picture.” By this he meant once the green was “read” for a putt one visualized the path the ball would make rolling to the hole and with that “picture” in mind, Tiger would then try to “putt to the picture” or, in other words, make a putt that looked just like the picture.

In target archery we use the same technique. Just before the bow raise (the point I suggest is the beginning of the actual shot, the previous bits being a “pre-shot routine”), we visualize a perfect shot as powerfully as we can, then we execute. The visualization is basically a plan sent to our subconscious mind to execute. Consciously we abide in what I call “Watcher Mode,” that is we are merely watching/feeling/sensing what is happening and we take no action nor give any directions unless something goes against the plan (a wind kicks up, our bow makes a strange noise, the arrow falls off of the rest, etc.) while the shot is being made.

Shooting a target round is a dance between our conscious and subconscious minds, each coming to the fore from time to time to perform actions for which it is more suited than the other. An archer who is in the wrong mind at any time will suffer the consequences.

The sooner you can introduce these concepts to your archers, the quicker they will find themselves no longer losing their mind shooting arrows.

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