The Milk Jug Shoot

Someone at my last club in California either invented or stole this idea and it was a good one. It is great fun and can be used as a fundraiser for your club. It is called the Milk Jug Shoot.

There is some initial investment in making a stand (see the photo). The stand is “T” shaped and has two pulleys, one at either end. A length of cable/rope is fed through the pulleys and “S” hooks attached to each end. From the “S” hooks, two milk jugs, filled with water are suspended so as to be at the same level (a couple of feet off of the ground. The pulleys should be free to move with the jugs riding up and down (being attached to the two ends of the same cable).

This is set up in front of a shooting backstop. Contestants, when told they can shoot, are to shoot holes in their jug, causing it to lose water, weigh less and make his/her opponent’s jug sink. The one whose jug hits the ground first loses.

The stand has to be far enough from the backstop so that the arrows can pass through. If too close, the jugs will get pinned to the backstop by arrows and the trial will be spoiled.

To pull this off, you will need a lot of empty milk jugs, preferably with caps still available. We used to drop by drive through coffee shops and ask for their gallon milk jugs. They would save them up and we would get quite a haul that way. (It is amazing how many gallons of milk a small coffee kiosk goes through in a single week.)

The jugs have to be rinsed out and stored for the big event and someone has to be assigned the job of jug filler from a hose or whatever.

Our frame was made of steel (very old steel) as one of our members was a welder. Whatever you come up with has to be sturdy.

Young children want to have a go as much as anyone, but you may have to move them closer up, so they can hit their jug. Also, light drawing bows often didn’t have enough oomph to penetrate the jug entire. Arrows that stuck in your jug, made your jug heavier, making it more likely you lost!

You will need lots of these!

We charged $2 per head, so $4 per contest. We often made up a single elimination competition bracket with the winner awarded half of the purse.

This makes for a great novelty event after the end of a competition, giving the poor people in registration (of which I was one often enough) time to post the scores so the prizes could be awarded. I can remember occasions where we had to drag people away from the Milk Jug Shoot to give them their awards!

It was great fun!

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