It’s Up . . .

Well, at least the paperback version of Precision Archery, Expanded Second Edition is now up and available on The Kindle Edition is still not available. You can’t believe how difficult Amazon is making the Kindle creation process in their “new, improved” system.

We used to be able to just feed them the same PDFs used to make the paperback edition and voila! Not so no. Now, you can’t use a PDF, you have to use a Word file of some sort and we do not do our layouts in Word; it would be like voluntarily shooting a tournament in handcuffs. You  might  be able to pull it off, but why would you?

I will let you know when it is done.


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2 responses to “It’s Up . . .

  1. Well, I prefer the paper editions myself but many enjoy the ease of having the book on their e-reader Kindle or other. Sorry for you having all that extra work though. I have two of your fine books and may just add this one to the home library.

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    • I am slowly transitioning to electronic books. Since I live now in a condo, it really saves space. When we moved to Chicago from California, I ended up with 25 banker’s boxes of books … extra; one’s we had no shelf space to put them on. And trust me, we have more bookcases than all other pieces of furniture lumped together.) :o)


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