You Learn Something New . . .

. . . every day!

I am sure you are aware of what a Clout Shoot is. Every one I have attended had us shooting at a wand or stick and I knew another name for this competition was a wand shoot but I didn’t know why it was called a “clout” shoot.

But I recently read that in such competitions a piece of cloth was laid on the ground as a target (visible from afar). And “clout” is an archaic word for “cloth.” I should have realized this, having grown up reading stories in which Native Americans were described as wearing a “breechclout” which is a synonym of a loincloth.

I just didn’t think about it.

So, the question of the day is: Is it proper to offer a clout shoot when shooting at a wand? Wouldn’t it be more proper to shoot at a cloth . . . or call that shoot a “wand shoot?”

I suspect such idle thoughts may go away once the pandemic prohibition applied to our shooting grounds is loosened.


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  1. David Beeton

    Clout shooting is a lot of fun, particularly if you have the room for a full length shoot at 180 yds!


  2. My understanding is that a Clout and a Wand are seperate.
    Clout is often shot towards a small flag (Clout) or target, size depending on the rules of the organisation. Usually small and at a long distance this is, for example, a 30″ diameter target at 180 yds (Gentlemen) or 120 yards (Ladies & Juniors) under The British Long-Bow Society.
    Wand shooting is at a tall, narrow target at a distance. Again size and length depending on the orgnisation, often not specified so may vary on where the competition takes place and may be specific to a particular Club. The one I am familiar with is a 6″ wide, 6′ high target at 120 yards, long-bows (ELB) only.


    • Ah, see, one does learn something new every day! The wand shoots I have heard of are with much thinner wands , at great distance still. The wand having the advantage over a cloth of having a scoring rope or chain that can swivel around it. Probably another example of us “across the Pond” screwing up another perfectly good English tradition.

      On Tue, Nov 24, 2020 at 11:31 AM A Blog for Archery Coaches wrote:



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