Sometimes a Blurb is Enough The Secrets of Modern Archery by Jake Veit

I didn’t bite on this one, even though I am constantly on the lookout for new books on archery. First of all, the title! Argh! There are no secrets in archery . . . repeat after me “There . . .” And then here is Amazon’s blurb for the book:

“There is a lot of archery out there—and it isn’t just shooting a bow.

“Moreover, there are different ways to shoot a bow, many different bows, and five national archery organizations.

“Jake Veit, former NFAA Master Coach, USAA Level IV National Coach & USAA National Judge walks readers through efforts of archery organizations through the years.

“He also highlights how archery changed and became a sport, the formation of the NFAA and other organizations—and how archery was added to the Olympics.

“Find out more about the national archery organizations and how each is organized—as well as how members demonstrate their skill.

“While archery isn’t easy, it can be a satisfying and pleasant diversion to everyday life. ‘Discover why so many people love the sport and how to participate with The Secrets of Modern Archery.’”

Is there any reference whatsoever about “archery secrets” in all of that? Also, “fining out more about archery organizations” isn’t exactly thrilling stuff. If any of you does read this, I would love to hear your opinion of it.

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