Did I Miss Something?

On the USA Archery website I was reading an article about how the U.S. qualified a full men’s team for the Olympics and I read the following in quick succession:

Their last three arrows each found the center of the X ring for a perfect finishing score.”

That last X in the semifinal really felt like an amazing shot.”

Did I miss something? Did they bring the X-ring back for Olympic competition?

I don’t see an X-ring. Do you see an X-ring?


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4 responses to “Did I Miss Something?

  1. dorigat

    Steve,Read what Brady has to say about “shooting weak”…https://worldarchery.sport/news/200286/usa-puts-three-recurve-archers-paris-final-fours Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


    • Did you see the length of his V-bars in the first photo?! Whoa!

      Actually I watched a Gold Cup final between Brady and a German archer and I didn’t see a whole lot of NTS form on display. His stance was barely open. He drew to anchor to the side and then came in sideways to anchor. He was using a kisser button that contacted his nose and his chest didn’t seem in line. And, of course he won. “You don’t have to do it right, you just have to do it over.”

      And, I say over and over that as you get better, your weak and strong days performances get closer together. Brady’s weakest day is better than my best, ever.


  2. Dave Beeton

    Looks clear of X’s on there! Mind you, I have a load of fairly new target faces that all have x-rings!


    • X-rings are still used indoors, as far as I know and they are used for NFAA target competitions, etc. I think the only competitions without them are the Gold Cup events and their ilk, the WC, and the Olympics.

      But I haven’t really been keeping up on these things, which is why I asked.

      I also would be surprised that the printers of “official” target faces aren’t stuck with a lot of old stock when changes are made. I was able to get a small supply of old NFAA 5-3 target faces twenty years after their demise. (I still would like to pput on “That 70’s Shoot” to show folks what a round using the old NFAA targets was like.

      On Sun, Jun 27, 2021 at 11:51 AM A Blog for Archery Coaches wrote:



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