Why So Much on Recurve Archery?

A number of people have noticed that most of my posts are with regard to recurve archery. From this they conclude that I am a “Recurve Guy.”

Wrong. I get my inspiration for blog posts from my students and the vast majority of my students are Recurve archers, both Olympic Recurve and Barebow.

I am a “Compound Guy.” I shot compound bows for six years before I even found out there were such beasts as archery coaches. (Now, I are one!) The coaching tradition in compound archery is much less strong than in recurve archery. (I wish I knew why.) And the coaching tradition in traditional archery makes the compound coaching tradition look strong. (Although there a number of people trying to counter this: Byron Ferguson, Rod Jenkins, Ty Pelfrey amongst others.)

I have competed most in compound styles, a distant second in traditional styles, and almost not at all in recurve styles.

It is because of the demand for coaching by Recurve archers that I spend the most time studying, thinking, and writing about recurve archery.

If you have questions about compound and/or traditional archery, please send them in. Otherwise you will have to do with the output generated by my Recurve Muses.

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