Lesson Learned?

I regularly search eBay for new and used archery books. In the past year or so, those searches have come to be dominated by blank books. Yes, blank, but actually notebooks. These and “Archery Planners” calendar books and “Archery Score Sheet” books dominate the other books on offer. Usually, my daily search comes up with a double handful of new listings. Today there were 59.

One such “series” of “books” has the titles: “12 Years Old And Awesome At Archery,” “14 Years Old And Awesome At Archery,” “10 Years Old And Awesome At Archery.” These are selling at prices around $10 and being mostly blank or the same planner with different covers are quite easy to “write.” I do not know how they are selling.

Being published as books through Amazon’s self-publishing program means each of these gets an ISBN which has to be clogging the system of keeping track of books being published. I suspect that young entrepreneurs are involved.

I have been hammering away for a couple of decades now that archers need to keep a notebook, including what to put in them, as have many of you. Has that lesson been learned? What do you think?


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